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Get to know more about my background, experience and approach. 

My Approach

I strongly believe that there’s no merit in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to web design and digital marketing. I’m unlike many other agencies in that I cover the entire digital marketing spectrum, which allows me to offer honest, impartial advice about the best channels and tactics for your business.

My approach to all projects is data-driven, meaning I’ll use facts and figures to guide decision making, rather than guesswork. I also pride myself on really getting to know your business, your competitors and particularly your customers. This ensures that we develop messaging and content which is not only engaging, but actually drive consumers to take action. 

Whether it’s a small project or a complete digital transformation, all aspects of my work are focused on a clear outcome for your business. Each step of the way, I’ll explain not only what we are doing, but why are doing it. We’ll set clear goals and follow the most cost-effective methods to achieve them.  If something isn’t likely to increase your online traffic, leads or sales, I won’t suggest it in the first place. Likewise, if something isn’t working for your business, I will let you know straight away. 

If you want honest advice, transparent methods and measurable results, then please book a free consultation to see how I can help grow your business online. 

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My Background

HD stands for Hampshire Distributors. Hampshire Distributors is a promotional products supplier, founded as a partnership by parents in 1980, incorporated in 2006 and still going strong four decades later.

Hampshire Distributors was my first ‘client’ at the age of 13, when I negotiated a swap from doing chores to creating leaflets for their range of Euro 2000 promotional products. Whether it was the draw of marketing or the avoidance of washing up which appealed more is still up for debate. However, from that moment on, it was what I knew I wanted to do.

Having worked in various marketing roles in the public sector, private companies and agencies in the UK and Australia for more than 10 years, I returned home to set up HD Digital Marketing in 2019.

The name is part homage to the business my parents have run for the last 40 years, but also an extension of the HD family. With Hampshire Distributors still providing promotional products, we also now have HD Branded Clothing for custom workwear and HD Digital Marketing for all of your online requirements.

The same ethos of honesty, transparency and quality applies to all three businesses. So whether you need printed products, embroidered clothing or digital marketing, please get in touch.