SEO - Search Engine Optimsation

95% of users don’t pass the first page of Google. Make sure your business is seen with effective SEO. 

How Can SEO Help Your Business?

For most businesses I work with, website visitors from organic search results are by far the most valuable group of traffic they have. These people are actively searching for your product or service, so they will take the time to engage with your website and buy from you if they like what they find.

The big challenge, however, is ensuring they can find your website in the first place – particularly when we know that very few people move past the first page of search results. This is why ongoing Search Engine Optimisation is vital. While there are certainly some quick wins from getting the fundamentals correct, good SEO is a longer-term strategic approach to ensuring your website is well structured, technically sound and full of relevant, updated content.

If your website offers a good user experience and your content answers the questions that your customers are asking, it will perform strongly across all digital channels. It isn’t a quick fix but can become your most cost-effective and sustainable source of website traffic when done well. 

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The Pillars of SEO

Mozlows Hierarchy

Technical SEO focuses on ensuring that search engines can crawl, index and rank your pages correctly and efficiently. Whether this means ensuring the site speed is up to scratch, the code is well optimised, or allowing search engines to see everything your site has to offer, Technical SEO can make a big difference to your organic rankings.

On-Page SEO ensures that your content is well optimised for key terms and topics that are relevant to your customers and your businesses. It’s not just about shoving keywords in everywhere and hoping for the best. Instead, it’s important to consider the questions and challenges that your customers need help with. Ensuring you have a sound, well-thought-out and targeted content strategy should be of paramount importance when looking to improve SEO results.

Backlinks to your site are used by search engines like Google as a measure of trust and authority. Think of it this way. If a site is willing to link to you, that’s them telling a search engine they think you’re alright, and the more sites that think you’re alright, the more search engines will think the same!

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