Switched On

Overview: While working as an Account Manager for Switched On, I project managed and delivered the Email Marketing service for our biggest client, JLL. When I left, I continued to run this project through my new company HD Digital Marketing.

Deliverables: The project has been a huge undertaking, as it involved taking over all of the Email Marketing for JLL’s 47 shopping centres across Australia. The first phase of the project was to transfer more than 200,000 subscribers to a new Campaign Monitor account, cleanse the data and link all of the centre websites to the account. From there, we worked with a data and customer insight agency to analyse and segment the subscribers so that a new content strategy could be developed. With this approved, it was time to start designing and creating the email newsletters for the centres taking part. I am still working on this project for Switched On, designing, writing, managing and reporting on all email campaigns for JLL.

Results: This was the first Email Marketing service that Switched On had provided and helped to grow JLL into the agency’s biggest client. For JLL, the project has been a great success so far, with open rates increasing from 13% to 17%, and click rates increasing from 12% to 23%.

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